trusted online casino malaysia Mentors | Project 691 Robotics


“Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines who work with students to share their knowledge and
guide them through the season. Many Mentors contribute on a weekly basis during competition season, or support the team
with subject matter expertise on an as needed basis. Teams may have additional or more specialized roles or a combination of
roles as needed. In addition, Mentors help to foster the idea of Gracious Professionalism® and have the students do as much of
the work as possible.”

– Mentor and Coach Roles,

Mr. Onesti


  • Peter Onesti has guided students in learning how to be independent and skilled in the design process. He is a systems engineer specifically proficient at design, mechanical engineering, and control systems. Peter is always working on either a motorcycle or a dirt bike when he is not at work, or robotics.

Mr. Dolgin

Mentor, FRC Alum 691

  • Aaron Dolgin is a FIRST Alumni of FRC 691 and has helped the team with his expertise in design, CAD, control systems, and project management. Aaron in his free time, when he is not managing a robotics competition or volunteering at one,  likes to rock climb and mountain bike.

Mr. Stanich


  • Matt Stanich is a teacher at West Ranch who gives us insight to help our team.

Dr. Jacquez


  • Jessica A. Jacquez is a teacher at West Ranch that is the main coordinator between the team, school, and district. She is specifically skilled at business and marketing.

Mr. Leatherberry


  • Charles Leatherberry is one of our mentors at Project 691 Robotics.

Ms. Uehara

Mentor, FRC Alum

  • Joy Uehara is an alumni of FRC who mentors our team.

Mr. Hersh


  • Ross Hersh is one of our mentors here at Project 691 Robotics.

Mr. Govindarajan


  • Rajesh Govindarajan is one of our mentors at Project 691 Robotics.

Mr. Koegle


  • Mike Koegle is a teacher at Academy of the Canyons high school who is our AOC liaison.

Mr. Mysorewala

Mentor, FRC Alum

  • Osmaan Mysorewala is an FRC alumni from Project 691 Robotics, who continues on the team by mentoring.

Mr. Martinez


  • Joaquin Martinez is one of our mentors here at Project 691 Robotics.

Mr. Strahs

Mentor, FRC Alum

  • Jackson Strahs is an FRC Alumni of Project 691 Robotics who is continuing on as a mentor of our team.