2011 FRC Season – FIRST Logomotion

Logo Motion is the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Playing pieces are inner tubes shaped like the components of the FIRST logo. The primary objective of the game is to place them on racks to gain points. In the endgame, robots deploy smaller robots (“minibots”) to climb a tower. Minibots must be made from the FIRST Tech Challenge kit of parts. The game celebrates the 20th season of the FRC and is also meant to commemorate the artist Jack Kamen, who designed the original FIRST logo. More Information can be found on Wikipedia .

Specs of robot

Name – Master Chief

Robot Code – Github

CAD – Unavailable

Robot Abilities

For Master Chief, we attempted a mecanum wheel system for the first time. We designed a forklift to easily bring the inner tubes from ground level to the top peg in seconds. Team 691 made “the claw” to grab the inner tubes which had simple rollers to grab the tubes and hold them in with 45 pounds of force. Our “mini-bot,” Cortana, could climb the pole in less than 4 seconds.

Where we competed

  • Los Angeles Regional
    • Rank 28 with a record of 5-7-0
  • Silicon Valley Regional
    • Rank 18 with a record of 5-4-1


Master Chief is almost certainly the best performing robot that Team 691 has ever built. It made the playoffs in the first competition and consistently scored 5 inner tubes in the second, easily making it one of the top 5 scoring robots in that competition.