Storage Boxes / Use of off-field storage

The Challenge guide allows for teams to have off-field storage for items – this could be robot attachments, jigs as well as mission models. Many teams like to bring their robot attachments and jigs in a box. This policy controls the use of this off-field storage and storage box.
Due to overwhelming input from teams and referees alike, we will be enforcing the following:

  • Each challenge table is expected to have a small side table or similar for the team’s use for off-field storage of items. This could be similar to a “TV Tray” table (roughly 14″ x 9″). The side table could be bigger and possibly just a bit smaller. It could even be a chair. Example of a TV Tray table.
  • A team can use this side table for 2 purposes. Storage of mission models (as an extension of base) and/or holding a robot/attachment storage box.
  • Teams may not put mission models IN their storage box, even temporarily. Missions models must be in view of the referees at all times and we are defining this as only the following 3 places: 1) on the challenge table (in base or in the field if delivered), or 2) on the side table loosely and visibly or 3) temporarily in the hands of either of the 2 team Technicians at the challenge table at that time (i.e. not handed to other team members that are not at the table). If the mission model is held by a team member, not a Technician at the table, then it is out of sight of the referee. If the mission model is ON an attachment – for example, getting loaded, etc. then that must be done at the table in view of the referee.
  • If a team is going to bring a box that either will not fit on the table OR that the team does not want to put on the table OR the team wants to bring a 2nd box to the competition area, then a team member must hold that box at all times (as space allows). Storage boxes are never allowed to be set on the ground due to a tripping hazard. Teams are not allowed to bring carts or tables into the competition area.
  • Note that at your particular tournament site, there may be a limited competition area – so you may be asked to not bring any boxes up to the field. This should be obvious during the practice matches if your storage box (or boxes) are just too big for the available space.