Shriya Rajesh!

Hi! My name is Shriya Rajesh. On the left, we can see a link which will take you to more information about me. So, I am a sophomore who is interested in Computer Science and loves Robotics! I am one of the co-leaders for the Innovation Challenge team in the Project 691 Robotics Competitions. I love programming, especially in Python. I also know a bit of C. I can speak English, Tamil, and a bit of Spanish. I also like volunteering.



On the right, you can see a picture of me!

On the left, there is a link to a YouTube channel which includes many videos by my sister and me. On the right, is my contact information.


  • 100% Me = Robotics! + Computers! + Math! + More! 100% 100%


Fun in Robotics

Overall, this is most of the stuff about me. I also take singing lessons and can play the bass. Hope you enjoyed this page about me!